Downtown Real Estate For Sale In Houston

Downtown Real Estate For Sale In HoustonFor the last several years, downtown Houston has undergone a dramatic transformation that the Houston real estate market has not seen since founding of the city in the early 1800s. More than four billion dollars has been invested in the Downtown area, creating an ideally developed living experience with a dynamic, exciting city, the fourth largest in the country. Greenery, trees and artwork grace the area, enhancing enjoyment for those who choose to live Downtown. Entertainment, dining, shopping and residential housing, an energetic nightlife, excellent transportation options and a Main Street Plaza offering restaurants, bars, and nightclubs attract residents and visitors alike daily. Many residential units in downtown are conversions of older buildings into modern loft spaces, located near performance halls of the theatre district and near Main Street in the Historic District.

Realtors in Houston can state with deserved pride that this area is desirable, stable, convenient, and exciting for anyone who enjoys the amenities this vibrant, lovely Downtown community offers to its residents.

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