Montrose Homes For Sale In Houston

Montrose Homes For Sale In HoustonOne of Houston’s older communities, located within the 610 Loop, Montrose offers many forms of entertainment such as cafes, coffeehouses, pubs, bookstores, clothing boutiques, and much more. The arts community is drawn to Montrose, including musicians, students and artists. In addition, young professionals and corporate executives find the eclectic mix of homes and amenities desirable. Filled with character and charm, this neighborhood is well-known to Houston area realtors as popular with a diverse group of buyers. It is a blend of older historic homes, cozy bungalows, high-rises, lofts, townhomes and apartments situated just west of downtown Houston.

Many older homes have been replaced by condominiums, town homes and lofts. The neighborhood still retains its character and charm. Montrose was named for a town in Scotland and developed in the early 1900s. A specific, identifiable culture exists today and is part of the area’s allure. Bi-annually, Montrose hosts the Westheimer Colony Arts Festival in spring and fall, with arts, delicious foods, and entertainment.

Courtland Place, situated within Montrose, is an entire neighborhood of homes listed in the national historic registry. Surrounding areas such as Avalon Place, Cherryhurst and Westmoreland have old southern touches such as alley access to spacious back lawns and garages behind residences, creating a small-town ambiance. Various business establishments are mixed with homes, apartment buildings and duplexes in nearby Hyde Park. A locally popular shopping area in West Gray/River Oaks balances the convenience to residents, with theatres, grocery stores, many retail stores, clothing boutiques, coffee houses, dining and entertainment options. Realtors in Houston consider Montrose the best of all worlds for their “culturally hip” clients.

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